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Friday, February 1, 2013

Does women need your Penis Size?

“So does it matter? Do they care? Does it affect sex life?“

There are several male have the same answer about their Penis Size. Some single males so worried about their Penis Size. They so worried girls not satisfied to their Penis Size. What are the facts?

The best way to find out these answer is to approach girls and ask them only know the facts. Read on to discover some secrets which girls desperately want you to know about your penis size and whether it matters to them or not.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

10 Foods stressed relievers

WHEN the pressure of work and life feels out of control, would be very easy for us to eat junk food, and undergo other unhealthy eating patterns. Because we just want get the easy and simple things. But, did you know that this action can go wrong?

When we being stressed, the body actually requires more vitamins and minerals to keep working optimally.

Here are some list of foods that can reduce stress and can increase energy and maintain the temperature remains stable, was launched from Health24.com.

1. Banana

The content of potassium in bananas, are able to reduce tensions.

2. Spinach and broccoli

Rich content of vitamins can replenish vitamins are reduced due to stress.

3. Milk and yoghurt

High calcium and vitamin B, which will help strengthen bones and is essential for the body's nerve tendons. Good also to stabilize mood.

4. Tuna and mackerel

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help maintain heart health and maintain the stability of adrenaline, good also for memory.

5. Bean

Abortion can stabilize mood and ward off free radicals and heart disease.

6. Blueberries

The antioxidants can ward off free radicals and protects the body from stress.

7. Chicken and turkey

Sources of amino acid tryptophan, which helps calm the mind and soothe, and help them relax and sleep better. Protein content also stabilizes blood sugar and reduce stress.

8. Orange

The content of vitamin C to maintain the body's immune system to function properly during stress. Vitamin C is also the perfect antioxidant.

9. Dried apricots

Rich in magnesium, a natural stress buster with healthy nerves and muscles relax.

10. Cereals

Vitamin B-Complex, minerals, protein and fiber found in grains. All content is able to reduce stress and increase concentration. Good also to maintain energy levels.
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