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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healthy lifestyle with herbs

Last year, Dr Martha Tilaar launched a book that have as a theme healthy lifestyle with herbs to quote her erudition about herbs and various the use. According her, erudition and our ancestor inheritance will lost as soon as possible when will not be documented in the form of book. "Like said that when a witch-doctor pass away, so described as burned a library because the science only demoted from mouth to mouth, and is not bequeathed in the form of article,” Dr Martha Tilaar said in the welcome message in the book.

Present day society is aimed in completely fast life style and instant, so a lot of people opting every thing crated and instant. Some times, societies that not know herbs benefits refused to consume it. While, herbs made from natural ingredient that proved the merit generations by generations. With this book, Dr Martha Tilaar would tried to reminded the society about natural resources and the merit for our body so that we are all want to return to the natural alive.

This book also holds herbs recipes for baby up to adult, to always healthy and natural pretty appropriate to life cycle. Recipe that presented e.g. make oil telon, menstruation problem, acne, mask, fertility problem, up to sleep problem. Espoused also foliage photos for herbs maker ingredient. This books goods for you that want to try being a natural life style. This book is available at foremost bookstores in the amount Rp 25.000

source : www.kompas.com
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